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Joke of the day

I will apologize to all my viewers in England now. I did chuckle and little at this one and said. Oh my out loud. Go England!

The wife said to me, “Whenever a World Cup game is on, let’s eat something to do with that particular team for dinner that night.”
Mexico was on, we had burritos.
Japan was on, we had sushi.
USA was on, we had burgers.
Italy was on, we had pizza.
Tuesday is England, so we’re going out.

Pura Vida!

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Our Cafe Press has gone World Cup!

World cup swag is now in our Cafe Press shop. We have done Costa Rica and USA. If you want one of these for your country let us know and we will have it made up for you. Check out our shop by clicking on the link on the side bar or at the top of the page. Here are the designs. Hope you enjoy them. So who will buy the most Tee Shirts? USA? Or Costa Rica? We will see!



Pura Vida! and Go USA! WE love them both!

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