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YouTube Video of the day

Ready to book your vacation? Click here to see what deals The Riu in Costa Rica has to offer.  Riu Hotels with All Inclusive service

Wait don’t forget to order your GoPro before you come. Click here to get yours today!

GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

Or use tripadvisor to book your trip to Costa Rica. Click the link below to start!

Find Great Vacation Rental Deals at TripAdvisor
Pura Vida!

Don’t forget to check out our Cafe Press shop! $3 of every item purchased goes to Charities here in Costa Rica. Also check out our House for Sale and Rent listings as well!  If you are traveling and you want a cheap $4.99 a month and good VPN so you can watch hulu, your countries Netflix, and amazon click here. Good for travel or if you live here in Costa Rica. Don’t forget about our Amazon shop as well!

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Blogs and how we promote them

A number of people have been complaining about blog posts in Facebook groups. So in an attempt to clean up Facebook I have created this group. If  you like to read blogs from all over the world or write a blog of your own? Pleas go to this group! The idea is once we have a large enough following people will only advertise their blog in that group. This will help with all those posts that you see all the time in all the groups you belong to. So join us on Facebook today

Also if you want to know even more about Costa Rica we host a facebook group called Gringo’s Expats in Costa Rica. Check that out as well.

We also have a facebook page for Best of Costa Rica you can find it here. Stop in and give us a like please.

Last but by no means least we have an Amazon store. So please visit this page to buy all the things you would on amazon. You can reach it by going to and clicking on the link to the Amazon deals and discounts page. We get a 4% commission on anything you purchase and we take a portion of the commission and donate it to local Costa Rican Charities. As of now one is really using it so we have not raised much money. If you are shopping for something not listed in our store let me know and I will be happy to fix that so you can get what you need. We have listed as many categories as possible. So let us know. Also on that page is a list of affiliates that we get a % from. Again we get from there also adds to that charity fund. The trip adviser pays us the most in commissions. So if you are planning a trip to Costa Rica or anywhere else in the world use our link on that page!

Pura Vida!


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