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Hunt is on! – Bufalo Grill y Market

Bufalo Grill y Market » Mylifebook – No Ads Social Media// //

Hit my 1st stop on the search for a great burger. Looks like this recommendation as a good one. Here are the directions and address. It is in Santa Ana.

We were there at lunch time. Wasn’t sure they were open. It was about 12:15ish. The door was partially closed and the waitress was back behind the counter doing things. So we looked around and I had a peek at the menu that was on the table outside the door. Looked good some of the prices were a bit high, but need to see and taste the food before I make final judgment on the prices. Finally she noticed us and came over. I asked if she was open and she said yes, so we went in. They had A/C running which is why the door was almost closed. A/C was a nice touch! Not a lot of places have or use it here. During out time there only two gentleman came in to have a business lunch. So they were not that busy.

Want to see the full review? Go to MyLifeBook and get a free account. This is in their blog section! They have everything you could ever want in a social media site. Check them out.
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Zarcero, boy did you have a surprise for us!

Today we decided to take a trip to Zarcero and boy and I glad we did! I went with the wife and 2 friends. It was a really good trip. Good company beautiful town and just a wonderful feel. Boy if I knew about this place it could have been in the running for where we may live instead of Atenas, but I really do lover our town of Atenas.

Our morning started at 10:45 as we drove off out on our adventure. We stopped to pick up one friend, the other drove to our house. We went to the gas station to fill up. Not that it was that far, but I have learned that in Costa Rica you should always fill up before you go on any adventure to anywhere you have never been before. You just don’t know what will happen.

It was a pretty uneventful drive. We had good company so the drive went pretty quickly. The roads can be a little twisty and windy from Atenas, but during the day and when it isn’t raining its pretty easy.

We got there right at 12:00 on the dot! It was time for lunch and we really wasn’t sure where to go. As we drove into town one of our friends saw a little shop area that had 2 restaurants listed. One had fast food in its name so we figured we would check out the other. So we go in and can’t find the one that was listed that wasn’t fast food. I went upstairs and saw what could have been it, but it wasn’t open. So we decided to take a chance. Here are some photo’s of the little center.




IMG_2295 IMG_2296 IMG_2297 IMG_2298

Oh my are we glad we took the chance. The food was amazing and the prices were just as amazing! Dingo’s fast food  is where we ate. Don’t let the words Fast Food fool you. It was nothing like fast food!


Patacones were ok. So at this point we were not 100% sure this was a right decision, but than we tasted the salsa! It was delicious! So we had hope. The only problem with this was there was way too much breading and too little plantains. This was 1,450 colones.


My friends call me the Salad Nazi and with good reason. I am very picky over my salads. Now this doesn’t have a lot of nutritional value to it, but let me tell you it was good. The chicken was a pleasant surprise. This was the Ensalada Dingo. I don’t think that was dingo on our plate! The croutons were toasted bread and not too soft but not too hard either. The dressing was a ranch and just ok, but he chicken was the hero here. The added ham and cheese was nice as well.  This was 2,950 colones and actually it was enough to be a nice lunch in and of its self. \WP_20140625_12_44_22_Pro


Next up our friend got the Super Hamburgesa. This is a direct quote from our friend who ordered it, “This is the best hamburger I have ever had in Costa Rica.” This is high praise coming from her. It had 2 kinds of cheese, pickles and just a small piece of bacon, but it was about 1/2 lb of burger! It came with a side of fries. This cost 2,950 colones as well and well worth the price!


There is that wonderful salsa again! This was a Burrito and again direct quote, “One of the best I have had!” So again another winner and it comes in at 2,800 colones.


Ok so Alitas Buffalo and there are 7 of them here. I took some flack for putting Hooters on my top 10 restaurants list and this place knocks them off! I would have liked a little more heat, but there was enough to make me happy and not too much that some who doesn’t like a lot of heat wouldn’t want to eat them. They were crispy and the breading was very different, but wonderful. They were very generously sauced as you can see. 7 of them cost 1,900 colones. Amazing price!


This was the Costilla BBQ which is BBQ ribs. They cut them into pieces which made it easier to eat. Left the bone so you have to watch when you bit them. Pretty good. Wasn’t a wonderful BBQ sauce, but it was good. Now these potatoes were amazing! I don’t know what they did to them, but they were very tasty and flavorful! This dish was 4,000 colones.



Ok so I was a little skeptical about getting the Churrasco. I am glad I did. Again served with those wonderful potatoes! The side salad was the same minus the chicken as our main salad. So the steak I am going to let this video speak for me.

Yes it was that tender. It needed a little salt, but other than that it was really good! So very surprised and wasn’t not expected this from a little shop that had Fast Food in its name! It was a good 6oz cooked so a good size. It cost 3,450 colones. I was shocked!

We also got 2 Cafe Negro, 1 Te frio and 4 Coke lights. The cold drinks were 1,000 colones each and the coffee was only 600 colones. We also got a dessert that we shared. I didn’t get a picture of it. There was a cinnamon roll and a fruit roll and I swear it was made from angle food cake batter. We couldn’t believe it. Very nice and it was only 500 colones for each one. Very good deal.

So total for our lunch for 4 with all that food and drink was only 29,450 colones or $53.69 for those who don’t know the conversion. I was amazed! It is one of those great accidental finds that you just never know will happen. We are so glad we decided to take a chance and not go anywhere else.

Now we get to the reason we were in Zarcero. We went for the garden and the church. Both were amazing! Love the beauty of the gardens and the church. So here are the pictures I took at the garden.  Click on the images below to see larger views.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The other reason we went was to visit the church. It is one beautiful place, no doubt. The art and paintings are amazing. So here are the photo’s I took while at the church. Again click on the images below to see larger views.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Over all it was a very nice day. Good friends, Good food, beautiful town and a wonderful drive. If you get a chance you should go visit this wonderful place and eat at that wonderful restaurant. Here is the blog of one of the friends that went with us. Check it out. Keeping you in Stitches

The only downside was the drive home. The rain held out until we were ready to leave, but I had to drive those twisty windy roads in the rain. We made it home safe and sound and that is all that matter.

Pura Vida!

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Best of Costa Rica’s Top 10 Restaurants


Update: Who knew this would be so controversial. :-)Let me clarify a few things about this list. 1. It mainly covers the Central Valley area. While we do travel out of the area we do not eat out of the area enough at any one place to be able to evaluate it property. 2. You must be able to get a meal for 2 for under $60. and 3. Consistency is key. Please visit my blog I wrote on this subject to understand more of my guidelines that I used to select the following places. Yes there are 3 US chain restaurants. That is just the way it is. There are none that I have found that can replace them for the items I suggested you eat at each one. They meet all my requirements for being on this list.

Best of Costa Rica’s Top 10 Restaurants you must visit when you are here in Costa Rica. We will start with 10 and count down!

10. SOLO Camaron – It is reasonably priced and the food has good flavor. Don’t go in there with a large crowd. It is a small space, but comfortable. Clean and the service is very good. Everything and I mean everything has shrimp. So if allergic you may want to avoid it!

9. Hooters – Is pretty much the same as they are in the states. You only go in there for 2 thing. One is the wings and the other well it is what it is. 🙂 We have tried a few other items on the menu and were not impressed. They do have a limited selection of wings sauces, unlike in the states. If you are in the mood for wings this is your place to go no doubt!

8. Tony Roma’s It is a little on the pricey side, but not as bad as some places. If you are looking for a good Italian meal this is your place to go. Don’t get the beef products as tey are on the tough side, but pasta is delicious!

 7. Chilis – After being here for over a year we finally went and we were pleasantly surprised. It was really good. It had the best pizza I have had in Costa Rica. I know sounds strange, but it is true. So for no other reason you should go here for the pizza! The prices are reasonable. Our friend who was with us said they had the best ribs he has ever eaten in Costa Rica as well. Give it a try.

6. Sisso Another new find and we loved it. If you are a vegetarian this is one of the best places to go no doubt. They don’t have a salad bar, but they do have a make your own salad. So always a plus in my book. Food was good, prices were very good for what you got and the place was nice. Service was very good.

5. Los Antojitos – This is one of our favorite places to have lunch. I’m sure dinner would be just as excellent. We have been to two different ones and the food and services was great at both of them. So if you see on in your travels stop in and have a bite. You won’t regret it. I love their grilled salad!

4. Alida Ristorante – If you like a true Italian pizza this is your place. It has that thin crust you are hoping for and they are tasty. They have a great salad and the other food is good as well. It is a little pricey, but worth it. Nice place and great service.

3. Grego’s Bar and Grill – We do go here often. The prices are a little high for a bar, but not really that bad. The food is good! The only problem with it is the consistency of the food. One week its good, next its ok, than it is good again. I love their chicken soup! It is served with an egg that is cooked by the heat of the broth. Our favorite is the Chicken and the Corvina and I do like their churrascos as well but it is hit and miss as to its toughness.

2. Kay’s Gringo Postres – Is one of our favorite places to go in Atenas. The food is good, reason prices, and the desserts are a little bit of heaven. They are only open for breakfast and lunch, but worth a stop on in no doubt. It is the Cheer’s of Costa Rica just no booze. The staff is friendly and helpful and you will always find helpful people.

1. La Trocha – If you want a good steak this is the place to go! We love their steaks! Their ceviche is very good as well. Service is wonderful and the owners are just great people. If  you get their pasta dishes they do sauce it very generously! They have a signature sauce that is great! I love their jalapeno sauce!  If you want just a bit of heat or full tears and red lips you can get it. Just tell them how hot you want it! They will cook your steak medium rare! The only way to have a steak!

So that pretty much covers it. If you are here for 7 days or 10 days this list pretty much has you covered. Check these places out and let me know about your experience.

Pura Vida!

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Restaurant Review: Hard Rock Cafe

On June 2 2014 my wife and I decided to head to the Hard Rock Cafe to have some lunch. Our original plan was to eat at a mall in the area, but the only thing they had was a food court and that just wasn’t what we wanted. We are both on a diet plan and food court food just isn’t what we wanted to do. So we figured why not the Hard Rock Cafe. They should have some pretty health options and it is close to where we were. Off we go to the Cafe!

Very nice place! Cafe is clean and neat and the service was pretty damn good. WE love the gift shop. We bought a few things for our selves and family members back home. Lets get into why you are reading this. You want to know how the food was! We didn’t get many items, but here is what we did get.


These were really tasty and really hot! Which I loved! By the time I ate all 10 of them my lips were on fire. They had even turned red and gotten a little swollen. No breading was nice and the skin was crispy. There was a lot of sauce on them. The cost for them was 6,097.56 colones and that is about $11.00 so that is about $1.10 a wing. A bit pricey. We used to sell wings in my pizza shop for .75 per wing regular price and would put them on special for .50 and even sometimes .25. They were very good. These were the Heavy Metal sauce just FYI.


OK, my wife and I got two of these. It was a pretty good salad. Taste was spot on and they both looked the same so the consistency was there. Very little dressing on it, but you knew it was there. The two salads cost us 13821.14 colones so that is about $24.93 again a bit pricey, but it was a good salad.



We ended our meal with 2 coffee’s. Got the Americano black of course. Said this was Costa Rican coffee that they used, but I have my doubts. Didn’t like it much. I had to put 3 sweeteners in it to make it drinkable. Now if you like a strong bitter coffee this is the coffee for you no doubt. We paid 2113.82 colones which is about $3.81 so not bad for two cups of coffee. You will pay way more in a starbucks! So really the only reasonable price was the coffee and only if you like this kind of coffee. We also had 1 Pepsi light at 1544.72 colones and an unsweetened ice tea for 1544.72 colones. Their individual prices is about $2.79 and that is expensive. Not as expensive as Te Con Te the other day, but up there. Most times the drinks like this cost about 1000 colones, maybe 1200. Our total bill with tax and tip came to 30,900.00 colones or $55.74. That really is a big pricey for 2 salads, 10 wings, 2 drinks and 2 coffees. Hey Its a chain so you expect to pay more.

All that sound wonderful doesn’t it! Well with the exception of the price. I though so as well. I thought, OK the wings were a stretch on the healthy eating side, but how bad could they be?  They were not breaded! Got the salad and it have very little dressing on it so thought we were doing pretty good. WRONG!!!!!! This meal was almost 3K calories. I went home and looked up the items so I could put them in my fitbit log and have an idea of how many calories I had eaten today. I was shocked and almost fell on the floor when I saw it. When it comes to healthy food this place is not the place for you! It is horrible!!!!! So if you are tying to eat healthy avoid this place like the plague!!!!!!!! Do not and I reapeat do not go here. The following is a food chart from their own website. They only give the calories and sodium. I have looked and looked on the internet to find more information and I can’t. Very strange if you ask me.

Hard Rock Cafe – Print Menu If I would have known I would have picked a salad with less calories and I would have never gotten the wings.

So here are some random photo’s I took just to try and forget what we just experienced. Read over the menu, you will be shocked!

IMG_2162 IMG_2163 IMG_2168 IMG_2170 IMG_2171 IMG_2172 IMG_2173


So, lets get to the final on this one. The food was good as far as taste goes, the service was excellent, the place was clean (it is brand new so it should be), the bathrooms were nice and clean. The price is a bit high. I should be able to give them 3 seashell1out of 5, but I just can’t. I have to give them 2. I have to take off for the price to value and the very, very, very bad nutrition of the food. I just can’t bring myself to give them more. I tried to calculate how they could come up with those number on the calories. I just couldn’t do it. I have no clue what they put in there to do that, but it is insane! Well another one down the drain. Lesson here is don’t go to Chain restaurants in Costa Rica! Stick with the local places. You will get a good meal for a fair price.

Pura Vida!

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Restaurant Review: Sisso Taste of Jerusalem


I want to 1st say really good meal at a very good price!!! This is a great find. It is in a strip center called Plaza Florencia in Escazu. My wife and I were looking for a place to eat before we went to the movies that had a nice veggie selection. Yes we got our wish here. Very clean place with lots of parking and an attendant. Lots of other places in this center as well to eat and we may have to go try them out. So let us get to the reason we are all reading this specific blog entry THE FOOD!!!!!


So they started us off with this. On our diet we can’t really have it, but I was already to come off the diet. So as of today I am going to be off. I am however still going to try to use the tools the diet has given me to continue to lose some weight along with exercise. Back to the food. This is a crispy pita bread and I could taste the sunflower seeds in it! It was very tasty by itself. You add that tomato sauce to it and you have a nice flavor. The tomato sauce is a tomato reduction with chili dulce and herbs and spices. Of course she wouldn’t tell me what herbs and spices. 🙂 It was very good! I did eat all the tomato reduction, but only about 1/2 of the chips. 🙂


This was their version of a Greek Salad and they did a nice one. That was a big plate! The tomatoes and cucumbers were thick cut. They are hidden under the tomatoes you can see them peeking out. 🙂 Feta cheese and olives. I would have liked my items cut up, but this was worth the work of cutting things up. Had a very good taste and worth going back for.




This was called Berenjena Baladi don’t ask me I don’t know. I don’t even know if I spelled it correctly. The hummus was very tasty!!!! The black things that have a sauce on them are eggplant. Again very nicely done. They roast them and than grill it some how. I think that is what she said I’m not 100% sure. Now the salad and the black glob on the left of the plate was a make your own type of thing. She has you come up to the counter and pick the items you want on your side salad. They had a nice selection! I think it was one of the best salad bars I have seen. The black glob is more egg plant. It was an eggplant dinner no doubt! This was my main meal. it was filling!



This is their veggie platter and what my wife got as part of her meal. This is a meal. Again there is eggplant and we have huge tomato a piece of corn which I have to tell you was the best corn I have had in Costa Rica! It was tender and it was sweet! I would go back just for this corn!!!!!! Ant he other items is a potato. Grilled and some onions grilled. All of it had a nice flavor.


This was the wife’s main meal. She ad to remove the potato and the corn, but she could eat the rest. Again very nice meal. She felt the chicken was under seasoned, but I felt it was nicely done.


This I’m not sure which one of our meals it came with, but it was just torture having it sitting there. Very nice tasting pita. I had to try and and it was even better when you put it in the hummus!

So there is the food now for the prices:

We had 3 coke lights at 3000 colones, the Baladi plate I had was 3951.22 colones, The chicken plate my wife had was 4849.59 colones, The Greek salad was 4252.03 colones, and the veggie platter was 2252.03 colones. With tax and tip it came to 22,515.00 colones.  Now at today’s exchange rate that is $40.71 for our meal. That was pretty damn good for the amount of food we got and it being in Escazu. You walk away hungry and it is your own fault!!

So lets review: Good good at a fair price, parking is good, wait staff was nice, attentive and spoke some English. The place was clean and the bathroom was nice as well. So I give this place 5 seashell1out of 5. I don’t usually give this kind of rating as I can always find something wrong and take off one seashell, but really I couldn’t find anything! They do a great job and a fair price, who can ask for anything more than that! I will go back as it has now become one of my favorite places to eat!

Pura Vida!


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Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-man 2

Amazing spider-man 2

I am a fan of Spider-man no doubt. I loved the 1st 3 with  Tobey Maguire and really wished he would have been in these, but I understand why he wasn’t. I’m not really sure I like Andrew Garfield in this part. They did write in the humor that I remember from the comic book, but just don’t like him in this roll. He is a good actor don’t get me wrong, I just don’t think this is the part for him. His look just doesn’t match the comic book look of Peter Parker. 

Now I think casting Emma Stone as Gwen was great! However I do not like that they have killed her off already! She lasted really long in the comic book and there was a ton of surprise and shock when they killed her off and I think just as much when she died in this movie. Which I guess could be why they did it and I know that they may only have 3 movies so only one more left. So I get it, but it made me very sad and I really wanted to see more from her. 

Now where are they going to go from here? I mean they eluded at the end that there could be more than just 1 more left, but I’m not sure. Amazing Spider-man 3 is slated to come out in 2016! Damn that is too long to wait in my opinion. There are rumors of a 4, but not sure it will be an Amazing spider-man. So who knows what will come. We do know there will be more spider-man movies just don’t know what direction they will go in. Really there are so many to choose from.

What did I think of this movie? It was a good movie for what it was. It seem rushed to me to fit things in, but most of these movies that were comic books 1st seem that way to me. The acting was very good and the special effects were “Amazing” as always. Great fight scenes. I have to say I did laugh, and cry during this movie. So it took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions which is what I’m sure the directed wanted to do.

I would say if you saw the 1st one you must see this one as well. I would pay full price and I would pay to see it again.

Pura Vida!


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Review: Inka Grill Santa Ana

So yesterday as we were going to do some shopping for a party we are having tonight we needed to have a little bit of lunch. So we drove by Inka and figured lets go in there as we have never been to one yet. So we had lunch today. The service was excellent and the place was pretty no doubt. Looks like a wonderful place to eat! Lets look at what we had for lunch.

Ceviche Gran Inka

Ceviche Gran Inka

This was their version of Ceviche. Not really what I call Ceviche, but ok. Yes those little circles under the orange sauce were octapus tentacles. It was OK. The sauce was the highlight of the dish. The rest of it had no real flavor and I could not tell that the shrimp was soaked in anything.

Ensalada Inka

Ensalada Inka

Nothing at all impressive about this salad at all. Mainly lettuce and a little cucumbers, hearts of Palm, small amount of tomato, and just a few slivers of onions. The dressing had a good taste to it.

Corvina Nova Andina

Corvina Nova Andina

This really had no flavor at all. The sauce in the spoon I thought was repulsive. It was a nice potion size, but we will talk about the prices later. The veggies had no flavor really either, so they were just steamed with nothing.

Lomito Portobello

Lomito Portobello

This was just ok. I had asked for the meat to be medium rare and the waiter did understand, but it came out medium. There was no red at all anywhere on the steak. Now it was suppose to come with mash potatoes, but I asked for grilled veggies. The veggies actually were very nice.  They were better than what my wife had gotten with her Corvina. The Portobello sauce is in the cup I was not impressed at all, but it was the only flavor on this plate other than the veggies. The steak had no flavor at all. It was however tender.

Terrin de chocolate

Terrin de chocolate

This was the best part of the meal. It had the most flavor and was just excellent. The strawberries were a bit tart tasting, but the rest of it was very nice.

Cafe Americano

Cafe Americano

Come on guys we live in the land of amazing coffee. Why do you continue to serve Nescafe? I really did not like this coffee at all. I had to add 3 packets of a splenda and 1/2 a packet of non dairy creamer to make it drinkable. Hint to all restaurants in Costa Rica serve your countries best coffee!!!!!! Not this American crap please!!!!

So you have seen and I have told you my opinion about the food now be ready for the sticker shock!

Ceviche Gran Inka 7,955,75 or $14.48

Ensalad Inka 6,185,84 or $11.26

Corvina  10,610.,62 or $19.31

Lomito 11,495,58 or $20.92

3 Cokes 6,073.17 or $11.05 (3 16oz bottles)

Terrin Chocolate 3,243,90 or $5.90

2 Cafe 2,747,97 or $5.00

Now you have to add 13% for tax 6,280,67 or $11.43

Now you also add 10% for tip 4,831,28 or $8.79

Grand total for Lunch (hold on to your socks!) 59,424,78 or $108.15

Yes I am not kidding $108.15 for a lunch! Really a dinner, but we had it for lunch! No way!

So I think it is time to wrap this one up. The service was top notch! The restaurant its self was very pretty. The food was just ok. They need to taste the food on their menu and fix it before they send it out. If they would have put a little spice even just some salt and pepper on the steak and the fish it would have moved it up. There was nothing on the actual products. It was a very bland meal. The best part of the meal was the dessert as it was tasty and reasonably priced. We won’t be going back unless it is just for dessert.The prices were insane! Really insane.

So I give Inka Grill 3 seashell1 out of 5. 1 for service and 1 for the restaurant itself and 1 for presentation. I can’t give it anything for the food or the prices.

Pura Vida!



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Solo Camaron (Gringo Speak Only Shrimp)

solo shrimp

Plaza Itskatzu local 110 —-Coronado, (Complejo LONE STAR) De la Municipalidad 200 Este, 200 Norte, 400 Este, 300 Norte
San José, Costa Rica

So after our movie our friends decided to go here for dinner. It was a small, but very nice place. It was clean, the restaurant and the single unisex bathroom, bathroom review is always important! The table and chairs were comfortable and the place was nicely decorated and it had a tv or two with sports on them at the time and some nice music was playing in the background. The staff was friendly and helpful. The waitress didn’t speak much English, but I think she understood some, but the cook in the back did speak English which was good as I forgot to tell them we wanted our shrimp steamed and not fried.

solo menuSo this is their menu. As you can see nothing but shrimp! Which is ok. They do it wll and you get a nice portion for your money. They gave us an English version of the menu. Which can be a plus, but I don’t usually need it. As I have said before my restaurant Spanish is pretty good. 🙂 as I like to say, “Mi restaurante español es bueno!” They do get points for having a menu in English.

WP_20140304_18_33_51_ProSo onto the food which is the most important thing in a restaurant review. 🙂 I had the Shrimp Salad on this menu it is the Florida one. It was a meal in and of itself. There was enough of it that you didn’t need any more shrimp. It had a good bit of veggies that were of nutritional value. The bed of cabbage was nice! Instead of all that lettuce which has no value other then to fill you up and is cheap from a cost stand point.

WP_20140304_18_33_42_ProMy wife and I also ordered the steamed shrimp with the buffalo sauce. Not much to it, but we did get our monies worth with the shrimp no doubt and the sauce I believe tasted like Franks Hot Sauce which is the original buffalo sauce which was very good! I am glad they use that sauce. I believe that was the 600 gram plate.

Here are some photos of the food out friends had.


So lets wrap this one up. Good food, fair price, clean, good service. I give this 4 seashell15. You should go and give them a try. The only reason they didn’t get 5 out of 5 was the size of the place. It was small.

Pura Vida!

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Movie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

wolf of wall street 2A groups of friends went to the movies the other day and we saw The Wolf of Wall Street. We went to the movies at the Avenida Escazu . Their webpage is here:

What I love about going to the movies in Costa Rica is tha you get to pick the seat you are going to sit in the theater when you go to purchase your tickets. What I hate is that they don’t have butter for the popcorn!!! Well not at this theater. The do have caramel popcorn and you can get yours 1/2 and 1/2. I was actually thinking of taking my own melted butter next time in a container. Well once I can eat real butter again. 🙂

Now at this theater they have 2 movies theaters that they call VIP. They are just that VIP! The seats are leather recliners and you get waited on like in a restaurant. There is a selection of real food you can order as well as the normal popcorn and candy. You can also order alcoholic drinks!  So its like being at home watching the movie only you have people to wait on you as well. Let me tell you the prices are very reasonable and nothing like back in the states.

The regular tickets are $6 and the VIP tickets are $10. Getting a popcorn and soda isn’t going to take you broke either. Movies in Costa Rica are a nice cheap way to spend some time with the family not like in the States.

Now onto the movie review. So if you like sex and the glorification of drug use than this movie is for you. If you don’t I would advise you not to go see it. There is a lot of sex scenes in this movie. I’m not just talking tasteful in bed loving scenes. These are graphic orgies with full frontal nudity. They do it everywhere! I have a hard time seeing how this was a R rated movie and not an X. Now I wouldn’t say it was a XXX, but it should have at least 1 x . Now there is the drug use. It is constant and it is made out to be the best thing ever. It covered everything from Cocaine to prescription medication abuse. They do it all in this movie and sometimes all of them all at once. So avoid this movie if any of that offends.

Now that I have that out of the way I can get to the movie. This is a story about a simple guy who lead a very simple life until he started to work for a firm on wall street. Does his life change and go wild. It is an interesting story to say the least. If this guys life was really like this movie and they didn’t take artistic license, I have no clue how he is even alive. The acting by Leonardo was again amazing. They put together a great cast  who all brought their A game on this one. This was a movie of rages to ritches to jail movie. It was well done, but be warned it is a long movie. It is about 3 hours. It had many moments where I was like, “OH my god they didn’t just do that!” I was laughing many times though out the movie.

So lets wrap this up. The movie was long but worth it, the plot was good, a little over the top with the sex and drugs which I am ok with but could be a problem for others. Overall not a waste of 3 hours a good movie to go see with your significant other. Don’t take your mother, father or kids that is for sure. So I give this one 4 seashell1out of 5. It was really pretty good. I was surprised. Pura Vida!

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