Tomás the Cat needs a home before the end of June!

This was posted on Facebook. See if we can’t help her out with this! 
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Hi, I am Tomás, and I need a new home by the end of June. I was supposed to go to a new home but there are too many cats there already and I wouldn’t like that. I am little, 6 pounds and I prefer to be the only cat but a dog is ok. If you can open your home to me, I can teach you what I like, meaning I will…., I like to snuggle at night and roam around in the daytime. I don’t know how to purr tho I try, maybe you can help me. Please? 6073 2757

Pura Vida!

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Cast your Vote Today!

Update 6/18/14

Well we have only raise $18 so far since yesterday and that includes my matching contribution. Does not bold well for the charity that wins. 😦 Whatever money will roll over into the next month and than may go to another charity that wins in that month. I’m pushing as best I can and trying to come up with some good designs.  There has to be a min. of $100 in the pot in order to send to the charity, other wise it rolls over into the next month where the votes start all over again. Any suggestions on designs send them to me at Email Best of Costa Rica. Just as an FYI if you want something other than Costa Rica and Pura Vida and the CR flag, send me what you want and on which design and I will swamp it out. So you Canadians and US Citizens just let me know. I will make the same designs with your home country in place of Costa Rica.

Update only 1 purchase has been made. So without purchases the voting will be moot for this month. It will have to carry over to next month. If you don’t see something you like let me know what you want to see and I will get working on creating it for you.


Pura Vida!


As promised here is the poll. So vote for your favorite. the money for the Charity that wins the poll will come from 3 sources.

  1. Best of Costa Rica CafePress Shop where we will put $3 of every item sold for the month of June and July into the pot.

2. Amazon Deals and Discount shop (visit the shop for full details on how we calculate what will be added)

  1. I will match what is generated up to $100 personally.

So spread the word!!!!!!

Pura Vida!



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