Welcome to our site. What you will find here is our blog where we detail the best we have found in Costa Rica. We have Restaurant Reviews, We tell you where the Best Beaches, Restaurant and Best Resorts. There will be up to date News Articles and posts from our own person life experience living in Cost Rica.  So sit back, relax and enjoy our posts, video’s, food and jokes. We hope you will find your time with us enjoyable!



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  1. Evelyn Goulet

    I like your blog. I am moving to Atenas with my husband George, and we are here now renovating our new house. Can you tell me where we can buy a cast iron frying pan. We have looked everywhere in Atenas, and in a couple of stores in San Jose. We can bring one from Canada but would be heavy. Suggestions?

    Many thanks,



    • They have had them in the Coope right next to the Gas station from time to time. You can no doubt find a good selection and a fair price at T.I.P.S. and they can also be found at Pricesmart from time to time as well. Thanks for reading the blog! Hopefully we will run into each other at some point! You should also join our facebook group Gringo expats in Costa Rica. Lots of information there as well and 2000 members who can help answer any other questions you may have. Again thanks for reading!


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