Best laid plans….

Today we planned a day out and about. Which in most places isn’t a problem. You go where you need to go and get what you need to get and you are done. Well not always in Costa Rica. Sometimes the smallest misstep could take you way out of the way.

We leave at 12:15 pm and head to our favorite pharmacy Farmacias San Gabriel and had I been thinking this would have been our 2nd stop not our 1st stop. It is on the way out of town so I drove there and than drove back into town to have lunch.

We had lunch at one of our favorite places, Kay’s Postres, Café & Restaurante Today’s special was a chicken parm with noodles. I have a picture that I can no longer access due to the reason for our trip out today. So no spoilers yet. Lunch was uneventful and very delicious. I also got some fresh off the farm pulled out the chickens butts today eggs from Mercedes. Which is awesome!

Back out of town we go and head to route 27 and as we drove by for a 2nd time we waved at the pharmacy for the 2nd time today. The travel was pretty uneventful until we miss our exit! Oh no! You say! Oh no is right! Unlike in the United states a missed exit is just a short turn around and back on track. Here in Costa Rica if you miss your exit this could take you miles and miles out of your way.  This misstep cost me an additional 10 km (about 6 miles) of driving. It was in areas we were unfamiliar with, but with the help of Waze we were able to finally reach our destination.

If you don not have waze and travel in Costa Rica, you really should download it for your phone. It has been a while since we used it and it seems it has been taken over by Google. Now there are advertisements every time you stop. It use to work without wifi and now it seems it needs it. No worries. We have a wifi hotspot from movistar. We try to never leave home without it.

11986939_1130962246917265_8460758375278022140_nWe finally reach City Mall , Yes I know it is easy to get to. Miss that exit and not so much. My wife Denise says she know right were we need to go.

Backstory: I have been in need of  a phone for like 2 years. I resist getting one anytime I need it. It has finally gotten to the point that it will no longer charge and dies quickly. 2 years ago our pool guy dropped his phone in the pool. OH NO! Nope it was ok! The construction rental equipment company sells a C.A.T. phone. It is virtually indestructible.  I want one. Many trips to the C.A.T. place in Sata Ana and no phone. They told me 3x come back next week and we will have them. So no luck and I took it as a sign and that a new phone was not needed. Fast forward a year and there is a Kiosks for C.A.T. in City Mall. A friend and my wife went there without me and saw it. Me being me just never got there.

Well until today and guess what! The kiosk is no longer there! Nope gone! Look there is a movistar place! So I bite the bullet and head in to look at phones. My current phone that has died is a Huawie and has an andriod operating system. This will be important later.

I go in look at phones and just can’t decide. Wife says, “Just get an Iphone!” Well I know the X is coming out and no way do I want it. Hopefully the older phone will be cheaper. Nope not in Costa Rica they are not. Actually more expensive. So 560,000 (about $970.00) colones later I have an Iphone 7 plus.

I ask can you transfer over my contacts. They hate to say NO so he says, “Yes”. When the time comes he tells me they could not do it. Oh joy all my contacts will have to be put in again. Oh well such is life.

Now he takes out my old sim card and sets up the new one because of course the Iphone 7 plus sim is a micro and I have a mini. So he fiddles with the phone. We wait and wait and he gives it to me to setup. Great! Wait! No Service. “Oh give it a few minutes”. Ok, one hour later it finally has service.

Yikes we have to get home. We ordered dinner to pick up at 5 pm. I stop at another Kiosk because I just paid over $900 for a phone that I know I will destroy. I pick up a case that is waterproof, shock proof, snow proof (Gods help me if I need this feature!)  and dust proof (good feature for dry season!). Now we had home.

My GPS can get us there! Oh no wait it is now 5pm! Traffic!!!!!!!!! We made good time and go to the pickup at 5:30. Which was very good time! I am a fast driver when the road is clear to make up time.

Now I am setting up my new phone! Cross your fingers!

Pura Vida! 



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