I am on the hunt!

I’m on the hunt, but not for what you think I am hunting for. Is it big game? No Is it a wife? No I’m married. Is it a crock with a ticking clock in it’s belly? Oh hell no. So what is it you ask?

I am on the hunt for the best burger in Costa Rica Central Valley area. Let me start off by saying if you have a burger you really like send me a message on MyLifeBook and I will try to put it on my list of burgers to try. It has got to be a really good burger. Here is what I will be looking at.


  1. Seasoning – How well is the burger seasoned? None its just meat on a bun or Spicy, Mild, Asian, whatever I’m not afraid of no burger! 3x seashells
  2. The Bun – Is it slapped between two pieces of bread? Or is there a nice big home made bun. 2x seashells
  3. The Extras – What else comes on that burger? Mushrooms, Cheese, Ham, Egg, Onions, etc. 1x seashells
  4. Presentation – The nose smells it, the eyes see it, and there stomach loves it or hates it before it tastes it. 2x seashells
  5. The cook – Do they burn it beyond recognition or is it perfectly cooked to a medium or the way I like medium rare. 2x seashells.
  6. Side dishes – What comes along side it? Do you get some skimpy nasty fries or a good nicely cut nicely seasons steak fries. Maybe a good salad will do as well. 1x seashells
  7. Price – The price has to match the quantity and quality of the burger. If it is a little tiny nothing and just a burger for $8 or more forget about it! $8 you better be giving me a nice 1/4lb of meat and some fries! If it is more than $8 you better be giving me more than 1/4lb of meat! Precooked weight of course. 2x seashells.
  8. Facilities – I always add points for the look of the place and the bathrooms! You got to have a clean bathroom! 1x seashells.

Everything is judged on a scale of 1 to 5 seashells. Certain categories will hold more weight in my average. See above. So the average will be based on 14 not 8. As you see #1 above counts 3x in the average score. If I score a burger on #1 with 4 seashells it will actually get 12 for that category. I will average at the end all the seashells in the 8 categories and that will determine how many seashells it will get over all. If any of the burgers end in a tie they will be put up in our contest section of MyLifeBook for public voting. The one with the most public votes will win the prize.

That is how I am going to judge all burgers. Let me know if you know a joint that has a burger you want me to try. It must be a 1 hour drive from Atenas Area. You must comment on this blog here on MyLifeBook to have it added to the list. The best place is going to get a sticker to place on their Facebook or website and a plaque to display in their restaurant.

It can be a little tiny soda or a big US Chain. I don’t care. If the burger is great and the price is right, it will go on my list. So get those entries in so I can start eating!!!! I’m hungry!!!!

Pura Vida!

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