Getting a Drivers License in Costa Rica.

woot_jump Today is our 1st 91 days in Costa Rica without have the need to leave and we spent part of the day getting our Drivers License. You should be 91 days in the country before you can go and get it and you must have a cedula. This was our last item on our list!!!! So no more passport. No more border runs!

Our day started at 8 am as we left Atenas with our interpreter if we needed one. I just didn’t want to get there and have a language issue. Our Spanish is getting better each day, but on official things with the government I would prefer to have someone who is bilingual with us.

The drive was pretty easy from Atenas to Cosevi in Uruca. We got there about 8:30ish. We left about 12:00ish. So not so bad. It cost us 4,000 colones per person. So 3 1/2 hours and $16 we got to Costa Rican Licenses.

Here is the most important things you need to know.……..

To read more go to sign up for an account for a one time fee of $5. Click here to read full story. CR License.

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2 thoughts on “Getting a Drivers License in Costa Rica.

  1. Well, 91 days or three months seem to be a pretty long period to get a driving license.
    Of course it depends on the driving skills of the applicant, but even so, in my case which I never had access to drive a car before, the driving license took me only six weeks to get it, so around 42 days.


    • I got it in Costa Rica. You have to have your temp residence and your visa must be expired. They give you up to 90 days on your visa. So I had to wait until my 91st day before I could go get it.


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