What is My Life Book?

Ever since it first appeared around a decade ago, social media has grown so much than most, in fact almost all people all over the globe have an account on such platform. And while most social media sites provide you with a way to interact with friends and family, as well as numerous interesting additions, the reality is that many of them are filled with advertising and just unsafe, mainly because others can easily get access to your information. Let’s face it, having someone watching your every move behind your back is definitely unpleasant, and this is the reason why you need an alternative social media site.

MyLifeBook is a social media site that has been created specifically to suit the needs of those users that want a private, yet very fun experience. While using MyLifeBook you won’t have any privacy concerns nor think about data leaks, as the site has been built around the idea that social media should be fun, safe and entertaining. Let’s face it, we all use social media just to hang out with our friends and keep in touch with them, maybe play some games and read the news. Why see advertisements everywhere when we can enter MyLifeBook and forget about them completely.

You can create a MyLifeBook account for free and once you learn the ropes you can upgrade your membership. It will cost you around $5 a year, a small price to pay for a very reliable, reputable social network.

On top of that, MyLifeBook doesn’t only allow you to connect with others, it will help you do so much more. From here you can get to YouTube without leaving the site, find the latest news in the newsroom as well as see if there are any events.

Within MyLifeBook you will also have the opportunity to find coffee houses, contests while also being able to manage your friends, add new ones and insert new photos. After you choose the desired membership you will have the opportunity to enroll into a one of a kind experience that simply can’t be received anywhere in the social media world.

The best thing about MyLifeBook is that alongside the social media features that we all know and love, here you get the opportunity to find stores that allow you to purchase items online. You also get quizzes that are suitable for entertainment and, if you want, you can even create your own resume and apply to job postings without actually leaving the site. There are also auctions, crowdfunding campaigns as well as integrated apps that will make the whole experience worthwhile.

What we like the most is that MyLifeBook is a place for everyone, so no matter if you are a business or normal person, you will get what you want without a problem. Businesses can sell their services and make quite a lot of money online, while users can easily interact with other persons and take full advantage of the wonderful services that the platform is offering. MyLifeBook even comes with a rewarding referral system that allows you to make your money back from your subscription and much more.

Why would you enroll in MyLifeBook? They provide the safest social media site that you can find right now online, and here you can literally gain access to anything that you might need, from managing your friends to events, job postings, auctions, apps and reading news. With MyLifeBook you have everything under your fingertips, so we recommend that you give this great social media site a try right away!

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Our new blogs can only be seen on mylifebook now!

Pura Vida!

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