The More Extreme Sides of Life

After the events that caused me to post (and to remove) my last entry on this blog, I have begun to do some digging and engage in conversation with a few of the locals who have lived here for several years.

It turns out that my sweet little Caribbean town has a serious dark side to it.

Unlike the safer and more established Pacific coast, this side of Costa Rica is heavily influenced by drug traffickers who find particular ease in travel from South America to The United States, a country that boasts a $100 Billion per year illegal narcotic industry.  (Fun fact: Peru has now surpassed Colombia as the number one producer of cocaine and the coca plant.)  Because of this, crime is arguably more rampant in this part of the country than in any other.  Throughout my discussions, I am told stories of shootouts at local bars, violent robberies of tourists and even of a man whose son was killed a few years ago and who subsequently contacted local vigilante groups, offering $20,000 for the murderer’s head.

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Pura Vida!


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