Costa Rica Night life? YouTube Videos of the day

What is Costa Rica Night Life like? This question has been asked of me many time. Since I usually am in the house by 9 pm I really couldn’t tell you. Yes I am that old. Well not really. Just not big on the night life scene. So here are some videos that hopefully will show it. Enjoy!

Pretty typical bar type of music and such. Than there is this type. If you don’t want to see 1/2 necked woman dancing on bars don’t play these videos. Also if you don’t like talk about prostitution here in Costa Rica read no further. I try to give all sides and prostitution is a part of the night life here. I just want to state I am not promoting this activity in any way. These are the facts. 

So this brings me to talking about Prostitution here in Costa Rica. Is it legal? The short answer is yes it is. Is it regulated? No. It is not like it is in other countries such as Germany or Amsterdam. In these countries unlike Costa Rica all the girls and guys have regular health checks and ID cards. Health checks are offered and free to prostitutes here in Costa Rica, but very few actually get them done. There is no way to know for sure if they have had it. Again no regulation at all.

Pimping is illegal in Costa Rica, but like most things here it is very lax on its enforcement. Again like most things if you are an expat and think of going into this business where locals are concerned it is lax with you they will not be so. You will at min. be deported if caught and worst jailed! You do not want to spend time for pimping in a Costa Rica jail as an Expat.

The age of consent is 18 year old. No if’s, no and’s,  no “I didn’t know she wasn’t 18”. or “She told me she was 18”. 18 is the age a person can charge for sex and do not get caught with or even offering to compensate them in any way to have sex if they are under the age of 18. Again deportation and or jail! By the gods people on Facebook are insane. So don’t look at, don’t offer, don’t speak to, don’t talk to anther person to have them make an offer to anyone under the age of 18 about sex, compensation for sex or anything else that goes along with sex. Simple 18 good under 18 bad get you thrown in jail and or deported in Costa Rica. I assumed that my The age of consent is 18 years old would have covered all of this, but some people need it spelled out for them. Insanity people insanity. 

So how do you know? Fake id’s are easy to get here. So that doesn’t help. There are a number of options. Massage parlous are you best option. They have set prices and the establishment get about 50% of what you pay. Remember I said pimping is not allowed? This like all things in Costa Rica is the work around. They do not consider this pimping. The reason this is the best option as the rooms are there and available and you do not have to go rent a hotel or bring them back to where you are staying.

Pickup bars are you 2nd best option. The girls hang out there and you will know who they are it is very clear. They are independent and set their own prices. No one takes a cut from them. The will tell you what they are willing to do and not do. It is my understanding everything is negotiable with them unlike other option that have set prices. No negotiations with the other options. The price is the price. Now here is the down side of this way of doing it. You have to provide the room. You have to be very careful when you book your room that they will allow prostitutes in. Many do not! Now other hotels will allow them in, but they will charge you an outrageous fee to do so. Again this is not pimping. 🙂 yea right. DO NOT and I can not stress this enough DO NOT take them to where you are staying!  Make sure you know what you are getting into before you book your room. Do it a head of time and ask the right questions before you book. If you are embarrassed about saying, “I want to book a room to have a prostitute for the night” you may not want to go looking for one using this option. Use the option above.

You next option is strip clubs. Now these while they are the 3rd best option are very dangerous. They work the same way as the massage parlous as they have a set price. The establishment gets about 50%, but there are many stories of people being held at gunpoint and being robbed or having huge charges on their bills and not being allowed to leave until it is paid. You must be very careful if the option you choose is a strip club.

Your last and final option and really should not be an option is street girls. This is the most dangerous. Really you won’t know what you are getting until you get them back to your room. I have been told that many are not as they seem. You may think you are getting a woman and when you get them back to your room “Crying Game!!!!” Those of you who don’t not understand that reference its really a man and not a woman. Many especially here in Costa Rica make very nice looking woman! So be careful! You are also more vulnerable to being robed this way. There is no way to really verify their age! This is a big problem! The other options above all involve establishments that will be sure that everyone is 18 or older. Please don’t chose this option.

While yes it is mainly men who do this there are many woman who also seek this type of service. The services also extends to people who are looking for gay hook ups as well. Costa Rica does have many options and many choices n this regard. You must know what you are getting yourself into and be very careful. It isn’t a world you want to really do with out knowing what you are doing. Check out everything ahead of time.

NBC report on the Sex Tourism in Costa Rica

So there you have it the Good, The Bad, and the Ugly side of the Night life in Costa Rica.

Pura Vida!

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