Final Update on Budget report June Recap

Well I have to admit I have learned a lot from doing this blog. I have learned where to shop and where not to shop no doubt. Pricesmart was way over priced, but I kind of knew that, just didn’t want to admit it to my self. I am now shopping more at that local Coope. Here are the last few days of the budget.

day 24 thur 30

As you can see we did do a little exploring and really all it cost was lunch one day. The other day because I drove both days they treated us for lunch on the 2nd day. Which was very nice. I still haven’t had to fill my gas tank yet. I love my car!!!!! You can see I am $757.73 over budget, but I think you can do it for less.  You really can live for under $2k a month and even under $1k a month and it all depends on how you wish to live. Size of the house, employees, etc. So lets look at how we can trim this thing down and what I have leaned from all of this.

final summary

If we look at the final summary and see what I have removed. You would have $604.14 left on the $2k budget. Now if we add back an amount for additional food because of the eating home more and not out. I also added back 4 of the cheaper meals so you can eat out once a month. Really you could eat our more on that if you know where to go. As you can see I also added Rent of $700 and I still only failed the challenge by $211.12. Really if I would have shopped more local and not at the expensive places I would have come out of this under budget!

So what are the tings I have really learned? I eat out way to much. The place I eat are way expensive and I will now avoid them, as the food and service isn’t any better than the cheaper places. Some of the cheaper places like Dingo’s the food was amazing! Yes I know I owe you all a ton of restaurant reviews! I promise I will get to them. I have all my receipts right here to be sure I remember which ones I need to do. 🙂  Dingo’s review is in our trip overview for Zarcero. You can find that blog here: Zarcero when I finalize the Cartago trip there will be two reviews in it since we ate out 2x. Now the dinner I did not include in my budget as it was hella expensive and I knew I would take it out and not include it at all in any of my calculations. I have learned I need to be smarter about how I shop and not just look for what I am familiar with. I’m not going to do and full blown budget like this one, but at the end of July I will give you an update on how well I did in July. See where we end up shall we. Did I really learn anything and could I put what I have learned into action and change my habits? Only time will tell. Oh wait I can’t do it for July we are going back to the states so that won’t be fair. Ok so August.

I think my Goal is going to be in July to find the cheapest and best places to eat in Costa Rica. Yep that is going to be my goal!

Well that wraps it up. I hope you have enjoyed it and have learned a few things. Keep following our blog and we will keep you updated on where we go and the things we do and the bargains we can find in Costa Rica. Have fun today and thanks for reading!!!!
Pura Vida!

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6 thoughts on “Final Update on Budget report June Recap

  1. Interesting post and certainly a good starting point. Some budget items that you need to include if one is living here year ’round: medical, pet care, taxes (home owners), car care/repair, home maintenance/repair, (border runs?)
    You sure you went all month on one tank of gas?


    • Pet care was in there. We did have some expenses for Solano and dog food and treats were in the groceries. Most people are not going to have 10 dogs so that will be a little lower for them. I did forget the house taxes. We had no car repair expense for a long time even with the old car. Of course the new car doesn’t cost anything at all. Got that included in he purchase for 3 years. Haven’t had any home maint., or repair in months. I think I got this house where it should be now. With the exception of the need to be able to access it when the storm shuts down the power and we can’t get in our gate! 🙂 OH and we can take off one of the car insurance payments as most will only have 1 car if that. Still very realistic to be able to live under and really way under the $2k a month here in Costa Rica.

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  2. Expatriate Americano

    I started my “budget challenge” when you did. We are three with four dogs. Below does not include alguinaldos, bonuses, property tax or house insurance, retive/marchamo. Car is paid for. No A/c. No travel.

    Groceries 1237.00
    House 1700.00
    Wifi 64.00
    Power 190.00
    Water 19.00
    Gasoline 84.00
    Car repair 150.00
    Donations 400.00
    Vet/Dogs 35.00
    HOA 70.00
    Doctor 110.00
    Medical devices 171.00
    Lunch out 348.00
    Replace micwave 265.00
    Replace toaster 160.00
    Firepit 100.00
    Masseuse 240.00
    Shoes 70.00
    Health ins 142.00
    CAJA 88.00
    Sepyic 160.00
    Staff 2340.00


    And I was watching the budget!


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