Manzana de Aguas are falling from the trees!

I have been meaning to try these and just haven’t gotten around to it. I haven’t seen them in the local Coope. 😦

Veggie Gringa Devours Costa Rica

Photo: This morning's project : applesauce from manzana de aguas.

Also known as water apples, and sometimes confused with another similar one, rose apples, these things are mildly sweet, citrussy and a little astringent. This is in the process of becoming applesauce, which came out really good, and a lovely shade of pink.   I cleaned, took out the seed (at left) and chopped them into chunks. Cooked them in a little bit of water until fork-mashable. (about half hour) Then I added a small amount of the natural turbinado sugar (not the brown caramelized stuff, just the dried cane juice – Zukra brand).  I don’t like overpowering sweet – I just added enough to take out the astringency. Then, ran it through the blender.  Delicious! Keeps in the fridge a couple of days. My little farm has three trees bearing for the first time.  I have made apple crisps, apple fritters, apple cobbler, and have run about two 2-gallon buckets…

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