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News: IBM Costa RIca Investment


The firm will establish a central provision of information technology, making a major investment in recent years that will generate 1,000 jobs.

IBM Costa Rica

The company chose IBM to Costa Rica to expand its operations and install a new service center information technology in which to invest U.S. $ 300 million over the next ten years.

The company plans to install a new plant will generate 1,000 new jobs. This investment is one of the most significant of the last thirteen years in the service sector is the most important in the last seven.

The Center will provide support services strategic outsourcing, server systems operations, security services, maintenance and monitoring of Harvard computer and software systems, among others. Work with other centers that have signed in China, Brazil, India and Argentina, said Patt Croning, general manager of Global Technology Delivery and Delivery Excellence, IBM.

IBM already has operations in the country, are based on human resources, customer relationship management, finance, accounting and shared services.

The decision to open a new service center in Costa Rican soil thanks is given to the country is connected with the international economy by opening up telecommunications and the Free Trade Treaty with the United States, said Anabel Gonzalez, Minister of Commerce Exterior (Comex).

This investment is also part of the strategies promoted by the government of the Republic to attract foreign investment. IBM began negotiations on a tour of the Comex and the Coalition of Development Initiatives (CINDE) in October last year in New York and strengthened in a trip he took the president Laura Chinchilla to Washington last May.

The decision to install the new center was made last week so the place where the plant will be located is still unknown but is expected to be in the province of Heredia or Alajuela and to begin operations in 2014. However, the contracts will begin in the coming days, said Croning.

Costa Rica is home to major multinationals such as Intel and Hewlett-Packard have set up their businesses, have invested large sums of money and generate thousands of jobs. Only last year the medical device company St. Jude Medical announced an investment of U.S. $ 670 million.

“This news is part of the efforts towards economic recovery and attracting investment, which seeks to position Costa Rica as an innovation economy for the quality of investment that is being installed, as in this case that the high-tech sector create skilled jobs, “said President Chinchilla.

The announcement of the new IBM investment was held Thursday morning at the Presidential Palace and was attended by the president of the Republic, the Minister of Comex, Alejandro Cruz, Minister of Science and Technology, Jorge Rossi, president of Cinde and Croning IBM.

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