The United States Embassy with Costa Rica Presents

The United States Embassy with Costa Rica Presents:
An International Book Fair Will be Held on August 22-31, 2014

If you are an American ex-pat and your are an author, a lecturer, a sculptor, musician, artist or photographer, here is your opportunity to be involved in an International Book Fair sponsored by the Costa Rica Ministry de Culture and The United States Embassy in Pavas. Each year a host country is chosen to represent their country. This year, The United States of America has been chosen. As a result The Embassy is inviting anyone who is an American and lives in Costa Rica, who has a hand in the Arts to be a participant. The even will be held in San Jose and run for ten days. The Embassy will have a booth area 50’X 50’which will be located in the middle of the symposiums, name, address or email address.

Last year the Host country was Mexico. Over 65,000 attendees visited the Cultural fair. The US Embassy is looking for people who want to attend and participate in this very unique Book Fair. It will be staffed by authors, arious writers, Publishers, photographers, musicians and a host of other people involved in the many arts represented by American Ex-Pats living here in Costa Rica. Everyone will be considered and selling your books, photos, art pieces and so forth is encouraged. Each person will have their own individual exhibit and booth. Feel free to send your name, email address and description of what your art is for consideration of a wonderful and golden opportunity to exhibit and sell your works of art.

The United States Embassy
Ligia Alpizar – IRC Director
Public Affairs Section
U.S. Embassy San José, Costa Rica
Ph: (506) 2519-2022
Fax: (506) 2232-7944

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