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580296_10200733566926789_903383603_nYes many photo’s today! I have decided that today is food day! I guess I’m just hungry! So lets start of with some starters shall we! All food was purchased and consumed here in Costa Rica!!!! Enjoy!




995102_10200304104430495_511487306_n 1014389_10200249658869390_1265788252_n 1526688_10202353040092606_8963656597249624445_n




Now how about some Salads!

10363369_10202353032732422_3354611962999825591_n ok salad


good salad 2 good salad



Now on to some Entree’s!

934909_10200243691320205_839945112_n 941430_10200243694720290_1041541018_n 1001461_10200243688360131_749372504_n 10373748_10202353003411689_4446017627787642786_n 10408651_10202353011051880_3135877137668671835_n 10414585_10202353011211884_809757453786349602_n 10426331_10202353045652745_7854614976890594102_n tico eggs benedict


No meal is ever complete without a dessert!!!!!!

10462775_10202353005331737_3633428938629610844_n tico french toast

998068_10200570142001268_791181341_n 1011932_10200246511070697_1994429338_n 1016063_10200246509310653_882432767_n 1234140_10200757363721694_88884158_n 1236046_10200757364921724_362508159_n 1237669_10200757364281708_1201918260_n 1238358_10200757363161680_1733243030_n 10313295_10202353091933902_7730696332064631763_n 10447638_10202353058413064_1487723999818651194_n

Whoever says all you get in Costa Rica is beans and rice has never really eaten in Costa Rica! You should come to visit for the food alone!!!!

Pura Vida!




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