Oh by the Gods!!!!! Look out Vegas!

Betting on Costa Rica’s 3-1 Win Made Millionaires in Las Vegas

Costa Rica News – As I saw on a friend of mine’s Facebook wall yesterday, “That sound you just heard was the human-enduced earthquake in Costa Rica.” He was not far from the truth.  No one expected Costa Rica to win yesterday and that included the odds makers in Las Vegas.

soccer bettingThe odds were very low for Costa Rica to even win the game but a few people in Vegas not only bet on them to win but bet on them to win 3 to 1.  On average the odds were 1800 to 1 at sportsbooks but they were even higher game time in Vegas, for the score to end the way it did.  There were some people counting their dollars in Vegas even though at least 2 of them made the bet by mistake.

So far the damage for sportsbook and Las Vegas is estimated at several billion dollars.

According to a report from MGM casinos group, it only takes a few bets to completely make a business go under.

“For some reason 3 people bet in favor for Costa Rica winning with this score, and there is nothing we can do except pay,” said the MGM spokesperson.

One of the winner was an America named Robert Green who said he wanted to bet on Cristiano Ronaldo when he saw CR on the screen.

Green said that he thought that Cristiano Ronaldo could beat Uruguay and it made him a millionaire. Nice mistake to make.

Another gambler won during a drunken haze.  He was completely drunk when he placed the bet and admit that he knows nothing about soccer. His bet while drunk netted $3.2 million dollars. Some people wake up wondering where their money went in Vegas this guy actually woke up a millionaire.

Finally was a 3rd sport bettor who as of yet does not have a face.  He bet on Costa Rica to win 3 to 1 but placed the hefty amount of $10,000.  At the odds of 1800 to 1 this would make him $18 million richer.  There are several investigations going on about this bet as no one believes someone would place it.

Not only were the hearts in Costa Rica filled with joy yesterday, many people had their pockets also filled from wagers on the game.

Originally posted at Costa Rican Times

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