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Update on Visa Runs Rio Indio Lodge

This was posted to a facebook group called Atenas Costa Rica Classified. Since I did a review of this group about visa runs, I thought I would share this with everyone.

I have some bad news for those who enjoy the half day flights to the Rio Indio Resort in Nicaragua. Because the Costa Rica immigration is apparently cracking down on ‘habitual tourism,’ the last trip will be next month. The young immigration agents at the Tobias Bolanos airport have been stamping passports with 30 day stamps instead of 90. Not good for the animal lovers or people who like to save on trips out of the country. It would be very hypocritical of the Costa Rican government to complain about the lack of tourist dollars, and at the same time make tourists leave the country to spend money somewhere else!!!

Pura Vida!


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YouTube video of the day Amazing!

One of the best displays of balance and strength I have seen! Well done!

Pura Vida!


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