Facebook Informative post of the day 5/14/14

The questions:

Got a real thinking question. Does anyone have a good working solution for controlling the little ants that love to invade the kitchen area and anywhere else that food is? I have tried all sorts of things that were supposed to work to no avail, must keep in mind that poisons are not an option because I have a toddler that will pick up and eat anything that he finds on the floor. Looking for a natural non poisonous solution, preferably one that I can make from plant resources available here.

The answers:

Jimmy Kirk The latest I tried was the baking soda and powder sugar in water, but the ants just avoid the area, seems they have a radar and know what to avoid. Back in the US I used the artificial sweeteners effectively, but they do now work here, maybe the stuff sold in the states is really poison?

Joshua Dean I promise you it works & it is cheap…. I use it as weed killer also & always wipe my counters down with it @ night. Keeps the flies down also.

PlayaZancudo BedandBreakfast First would be mixing this together powdered sugar and baking soda. Leave it in a small bowl or lid and they love it and die.
Secondly mixing in a spray bottle peppermint oil and water and we spray our counters with it and we don’t get ants.
Hope this helps. Good luck.

W. Peter Vanderhaak Bay leaves in the cabinets help.

Judith Kent Cinnamon oil, the post is in Rainforest Essences of Costa Rica
Pura Vida!
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