Restaurant Review: Leno Y Carbon


So, at the suggestion of our nutritionist we had lunch here one day. One would think she would keep our diet in mind when suggesting a place. You would think that if the meal says on the menu Zero carbs than it should have zero carbs right? Well that would be wrong. The zero carb meal we purchased had corn, and tortilla and cheese and all manner of things with carbs in them. So that didn’t make me happy, but lets move on.

The restaurant itself was very nice. Good parking, but it was a little busy, which is always a good sign. A very friendly parking attendant. The staff was very friendly and nice and kept us full and our table clear of dishes. So the service was very good.

One major complaint and I don’t know if it was just something on the day we were there or if this was just an issue in general, but there was no water in the bathrooms! The kitchen had water, but the bathrooms did not. You could not flush and you could not wash your hands! Luckily I did not find this out until the end of the meal. Lucky they did have pitchers of water in the bathroom that I used to flush and wash my hands with. My wife was not so lucky as they did not have these in the ladies room. 😦 So I am gong to have to take off major points for this issue.



So lets move onto the most important items the food!



This was the chicken salad and it was ok. The chicken was the hero of the salad as it should be. Very juicy and it was seasoned very well. The salad itself was lacking a few items and like in most restaurants it was not as advertised as far as the items that were suppose to be in it. Over all it was an ok salad.


This was the zero carb meal I was talking about. As you can see there are a few carbs in here. I forgot, well didn’t realize that the steak was going to have cheese on it. So I didn’t ask to leave it off. The chicken again was very tasty. It did have skin, but ate it before I realized I wanted to take a picture. There was a BBQ pork and the steak that I mentioned. Again BBQ has carbs. Not sure who is calculating the carbs on these meals, but they really need to take a nutrition class. Over all this was a good plate of food. You felt full after eating it and more so if you ate allt he stuff we had to pull off as they were too many carbs for our diet. The steak was a little tough, but not the worst I have had. The pork had a good flavor, but was a bit dry. The side salad was a side salad nothing to talk about there that is for sure.  My wife and I both got this same meal.

After a meal I sometimes like to have coffee. I have gotten in the habit of asking, “Do you serve Costa Rican coffee?” this waiter said and I quote, “hahhaha of course we do!” So out comes the coffee. Here is a video of that experience.

Here is a picture of the final product which was excellent! I loved the show and the taste of this coffee!


So I guess it is time to wrap this one up. The prices were fair. It was about $50 for 2 entrees, 1 salad,  2 1/2 cups of coffee and about 4 cokes. The food overall was good. I wouldn’t say it was great, but it was good. The service was great! No doubt about that. The bathrooms sucked. That is going to bring the rating way down sorry to say. Hopefully it was just a temporary issue and not a permanent one.  Would I go back and eat again? Yes especially when I am off the diet as I saw the desserts going to another table and if they taste anything like they look I want me some!!!!!!!!!!!

So I give them 2 seashell1out of 5.  I could have given them 4 if it wasn’t for the bathroom issue. I would go and check the bathroom 1st if bathrooms are an issue for you. If not I say go eat and enjoy!!!!!!!

Pura Vida!



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