Facebook: Banking in Costa Rica

Which banks can i open an account and use the card in CR without the crazy fees?


Chad Francis Charles Schwab. They reimburse all ATM fees as well


Rob Evans USAA and Capital One have not foreign fees and reimburse ATM fees


Jimmy Kirk I have been using BCR since I first came here in 2010 and no problems. Yesterday we went there to try for a home loan but was told that as of 2 years ago a person must be a resident to do so. This is true of all the national banks, but the associate I was talking with did speak and understand English and gave me a lot of insight on BCR. They are in the midst of restructuring to accommodate more expats since they have seen a lot of business leave due to the newer regulations and will be offering more services over the next year. Even though we did not accomplish the mission, he also advised using one of the private banks as they do not have to adhere to these rules and mentioned some of the better ones. Very helpful and cleared up a lot of things as we talked about many areas of banking for a long time. So I am still happy with BCR.

Kathleen Feeney I had luck getting both savings and checking accounts and debit card at Banco Nacional. I needed a letter from my USA bank that I had accounts in good standing and I needed a letter from a Costa Rican accountant saying it looked as if my money is legitimate business income and bona fide life saving ..now I am glad to avoid the 1% “international transaction fee” that Visa was putting on every purchase!


Brandon Young Well I use my BoA card to withdraw at scotia bank… they are allied banks so the $5 fee is waved… scotia charges u 2-3% of whatever u take out unless u move it to their account… this only applies fr taking out dollars… if u take out colones u have the $5 fee… why idk…


Pura Vida!


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