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So I have noticed that there are a number of my readers who do not have a Facebook account and I decided to do a segment posting useful information from Facebook. I am he admin of a group called Gringo Expats in Costa Rica. There is a lot of good information that is shared in that group. So from time to time I will share said information. Here is the 1st useful piece of information.

This was the questions:

Mario Steven

trying to bring a car down from the states.Getting different import rates .Looking for any info from recent experiences . Probably a 2000-2002 four runner.
The Answers:
Nel Cameron The older the vehicle, the more you’re going to pay in duties. You need to talk/write to a shipper and give them all the info on your vehicle, including VIN and they will find out what it’s going to cost you in duties. We used Charlie Zeller (Ship to Costa Rica). He gave us all that info ahead of time. We still ended up with a refund of part of it because the numbers changed (hey, we got a refund…in CR that’s a big thing…he’s honest!). http://www.solutionscostarica.com/relocating/


Jonathan Goff Figure about 80% of Kelly Blue book for duties plus freight ($1200) from Fla. to Limon and another $300+ to make it legal here for the first 6 months but that can be done anytime in the first six months if it’s registered back there


Brandon Young I highly recommend mike Rappaport. .. he shipped my 01 nissan frontier with no problems what so ever… heres his email and phone number…
(727) 231-4344 stateside number
Cr number (257) 339-33
Very good price compared to others…


Don Martin http://www.hacienda.go.cr/autohacienda/autovalor.aspx?ifr…% Just plug your car in here and it will tell you the taxes. Ditto on Mike Rappaport good guy
So there you have it. Enjoy!
Pura Vida!
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