Weekly Specials at Kay’s Gringo Postres

This is for all my local Atenas Peeps! and those who might be in the area for some reason! these are some pretty good deals. So check them out! They are in Atenas right near the Red Cross and Caja buildings. Pretty easy to get to.

This Week’s Daily Specials – May 6 – 10

Tues. – Herb roasted chicken (2 pc. mixed) with steamed rice and a side salad – ₵3,500

Wed. – Garden salad plate with choice of grilled chicken breast or breaded Corvina – ₵3,500

Thur. – Kay’s gazpacho with a grilled cheese sandwich – ₵3,500

Fri. – Breaded Corvina sandwich with choice of French fries or onion rings – ₵3,500

Sat. – Smoked grilled pork chop with twice-baked potato and side salad – ₵3,500

All lunch specials include brewed iced tea and Baker’s choice desert of the day

Sun. – Breakfast buffet featuring Eggs Benedict, along with fresh fruit, bacon, sausage,
gallo pinto, scrambled eggs, home fries, biscuits with sausagegravy, and oven-
baked French toast – ₵6,000. Fresh orange juice – ₵600 extra.

Pura Vida!

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