Photo of the day 5/4/14 (A Sad story)

Brenda Delaney shared her photo.

We went to the Estirillos centro Monday, a remote beach, we were walking and came across the sloth lying in the hot sun on the beach, we weren’t sure if he was alive, we thought we saw his eye move, so my BF touched it and it squinted, so we put him on a towel and moved him out of the sun, we poured some water on his face and in his mouth, We weren’t sure what to do, but we couldn’t leave him there, we put him in the truck and took him to Neo fauna rescue center. We weren’t sure if he was going to make it, we called the next day and he passed away in the morning. They said he was full of sea water and pretty beaten up from the ocean and he was old. 

There is a river there, and I read that sometimes sloths will fall out of a tree into the rivers, they are good swimmers, but we think he was washed into the ocean as it meets the river, and brought up to shore when the tide came in the previous day, if we hadn’t of moved him he would have drowned the tide was coming back in. Were sad he didn’t make it, we did what we could to help him, we certainly could not leave him lying there!

This was a sad posting, but amazing people to do what they did when most would have just walked on by and snapped a picture. So kind and so good. Here is a link to the Sanctuary they took this poor little fella to. NeoFauna

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