Food Chick Tip of the Day 4/24/14

Actually I just found a YouTube video of the Food Chick at her local Farmers market. Promoting local buying and cooking in Maryland. So enjoy this. She cooks up some nice stuff on this video. If you want to skip all the background and her shopping for her stuff at the market you can got to about 10:12 video time and that is when she starts to cook. I am trying to convince her to do some video’s. Help me by going to her Facebook Page and give her a like and comment you want to see video!

Enjoy! Here is her Tip for the day as well.

Today’s BACON Tip…..Put a twist on your traditional BLT Sandwich – turn it into a healthy wrap! Using a whole wheat tortilla layer baby spinach and crisp Romaine lettuce with tomatoes, a little chipotle ranch dressing and bacon. To get your “crunch” fix replace chips with a pickle or cucumbers in rice wine vinegar.

BONUS TIP…If you have the pickled pepper we made earlier this month add them to your wrap for some added zing!



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