We have opened an Amazon Store front

I have decided that instead of putting all kinds of advertising in posts and on the site that we would just setup a store front on amazon. Tons of people buy from amazon. Here is what we are going to to do with our 4% we get if you make a purchase from our store. 10% of the money will go to a number of local Costa Rican Charities both for humans and animals. The other 90% will go to pay for the cost associated with the blog and to hire reporters to bring you more fun and interesting content. It is just me sitting here doing all this content all by myself. It would be fun to have others give their opinions and do some fun stuff. So if you use amazon use our store front. If you want to purchase something and you don’t see it on our store front let me know and we will add the category so you can. So shop on amazon, give to charity, create jobs, no pesky ads on the website or blog posts. I think that sounds like a win, win to me! So check it out at Best of Costa Rica website and click on the amazon store menu option.


Pura Vida!

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