Review: Inka Grill Santa Ana

So yesterday as we were going to do some shopping for a party we are having tonight we needed to have a little bit of lunch. So we drove by Inka and figured lets go in there as we have never been to one yet. So we had lunch today. The service was excellent and the place was pretty no doubt. Looks like a wonderful place to eat! Lets look at what we had for lunch.

Ceviche Gran Inka

Ceviche Gran Inka

This was their version of Ceviche. Not really what I call Ceviche, but ok. Yes those little circles under the orange sauce were octapus tentacles. It was OK. The sauce was the highlight of the dish. The rest of it had no real flavor and I could not tell that the shrimp was soaked in anything.

Ensalada Inka

Ensalada Inka

Nothing at all impressive about this salad at all. Mainly lettuce and a little cucumbers, hearts of Palm, small amount of tomato, and just a few slivers of onions. The dressing had a good taste to it.

Corvina Nova Andina

Corvina Nova Andina

This really had no flavor at all. The sauce in the spoon I thought was repulsive. It was a nice potion size, but we will talk about the prices later. The veggies had no flavor really either, so they were just steamed with nothing.

Lomito Portobello

Lomito Portobello

This was just ok. I had asked for the meat to be medium rare and the waiter did understand, but it came out medium. There was no red at all anywhere on the steak. Now it was suppose to come with mash potatoes, but I asked for grilled veggies. The veggies actually were very nice.  They were better than what my wife had gotten with her Corvina. The Portobello sauce is in the cup I was not impressed at all, but it was the only flavor on this plate other than the veggies. The steak had no flavor at all. It was however tender.

Terrin de chocolate

Terrin de chocolate

This was the best part of the meal. It had the most flavor and was just excellent. The strawberries were a bit tart tasting, but the rest of it was very nice.

Cafe Americano

Cafe Americano

Come on guys we live in the land of amazing coffee. Why do you continue to serve Nescafe? I really did not like this coffee at all. I had to add 3 packets of a splenda and 1/2 a packet of non dairy creamer to make it drinkable. Hint to all restaurants in Costa Rica serve your countries best coffee!!!!!! Not this American crap please!!!!

So you have seen and I have told you my opinion about the food now be ready for the sticker shock!

Ceviche Gran Inka 7,955,75 or $14.48

Ensalad Inka 6,185,84 or $11.26

Corvina  10,610.,62 or $19.31

Lomito 11,495,58 or $20.92

3 Cokes 6,073.17 or $11.05 (3 16oz bottles)

Terrin Chocolate 3,243,90 or $5.90

2 Cafe 2,747,97 or $5.00

Now you have to add 13% for tax 6,280,67 or $11.43

Now you also add 10% for tip 4,831,28 or $8.79

Grand total for Lunch (hold on to your socks!) 59,424,78 or $108.15

Yes I am not kidding $108.15 for a lunch! Really a dinner, but we had it for lunch! No way!

So I think it is time to wrap this one up. The service was top notch! The restaurant its self was very pretty. The food was just ok. They need to taste the food on their menu and fix it before they send it out. If they would have put a little spice even just some salt and pepper on the steak and the fish it would have moved it up. There was nothing on the actual products. It was a very bland meal. The best part of the meal was the dessert as it was tasty and reasonably priced. We won’t be going back unless it is just for dessert.The prices were insane! Really insane.

So I give Inka Grill 3 seashell1 out of 5. 1 for service and 1 for the restaurant itself and 1 for presentation. I can’t give it anything for the food or the prices.

Pura Vida!



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