Harnessing The Creative Power of Words

And Now For My Next Trick...

When we replace the word “want” with “love” or “appreciate”, we shift the energy in our intention from that of lack to a more powerful energy of creation.  When we keep asking for something and are not receiving it, it could be that by repeatedly saying “I want…” we are holding what we want in a future tense place.

By saying “I want”  we are firmly acknowledging that we do not have it.

Each time we repeat that, we affirm that lack.  By changing our words to these present tense words: love and appreciate, (which are also charged with gratitude) we make a shift in our perspective, one that allows us to now begin to envision what we have asked for to begin to manifest in our “now” experience. This shifting from a space of scarcity/lack and into one of appreciation is not only an empowering way of harnessing your…

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