Dust in the wind

*Cue the music All we are is dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind! So moving and or visiting Costa Rica? Well Dust in the wind is what you will experience during dry season. This picture has nothing on the amount of dust that carries in the air during Dry season. So if you are thinking of moving here keep this in mind.

When we 1st got here back in Feb. 2013 we were in the heart of dry season. Every morning I would wake up, grad the bucket, mop and cleaner and mop all the floors. I would than walk from room to room and dust off the furniture. This went on for 4 months. I finally said enough is enough. No sooner did I finish a room the room I cleaned before was already covered in dust and would need to be done again. So I decided I would do it in the morning and that is it. I was doing it all though the day as well. It was driving me crazy. Then in March of 2013 our Dogs joined us. We had 6 of them shipped down. They were small dogs, but still 6 of them. Not too bad except the dust now increased as they started to run around and track more of it in. So the only days I got a break was on Mondays and Fridays when the housekeeper comes.

Pixy clean

Pixy dry season

So flash forward to June and the rainy season and the addition of 2 more dogs. So now we are up to 8. If you think dry season was bad rainy season is even worse!!!! Dust has now become mud!!!!!!! We now have a total of 10 dogs and them running in and out all day during rainy season is insane! My moping increased as now I had to keep changing the water in the bucket as I was moping up mud not just dust. I did this for about another month and then I said to myself, “Self you are nuts and this is nuts!” I stopped cleaning it up all the time. As a friend once said in dry season you get a new condiment while eating “Dust”. During rainy season you get use to washing your feed off every night before bed. They are going to be muddy. Just no getting around it.

Pixy rainy season

Pixy rainy season

So it really doesn’t matter if you come here during dry season or rainy season you are going to have to deal with dirt either dry or wet dirt, but you are going to have to deal with it. The best defense against this is Pura Vida. If you are worried about what your friends and family will think when they come to visit don’t. Are they coming to visit you or are they coming to see your house? If it matters to them they can stay home. Now if you are one of those clean and neat people who has to everything cleaned up all the time you may want to rethink coming here.

Now if you live in an area where you use A/C this isn’t as bad. Yes you still have it but when you run the A/C the house is closed up. Most houses here are not even built to be closed up. Our house has so many openings in windows and doors and cracks and such that even if we wanted to put in A/C it wouldn’t work. I would have to seal up a room to do it. Really here in Atenas it isn’t needed. We live in the outdoors while inside. Our doors and windows are open all the time. The breeze blows and cools us off. The sun shines in the house and no need for light until night fall. Dirt is the only draw back to this beautiful aspect of living here.

So lets wrap this one up shall we. Costa Rica + sun +rain +  wind = dirt everywhere! Its just a fact of life. If you can’t deal with that might want to pick somewhere else or pick an area like the beach where you will be using a/c all the time. That will cut down on the dirt. So get out there and play in the dirt and mud and have a ball!

Pura Vida!


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2 thoughts on “Dust in the wind

  1. Haha! So true. When we moved here, I would sweep the floors every day. Then we bought a vacuum cleaner and I would vacuum once a week. Now, three years later, I vacuum every two weeks and dust just about as much. It just seems as if all that cleaning is no longer important because we have better things to do.


    • The housekeeper comes on Mondays and Fridays. I will on an occasion mop up a spot or two and wipe things off as I need the space. 🙂 Like the kitchen counter when I go to cook or the dishes before I put food on them, but nothing like I was doing. It took about 4 months for me to say, “This is insanity!” and stop. Now I get up, make coffee, sit in the rancho and have a bite to eat with my coffee and play on the computer while I look out over the town of Atenas. It is rather pretty today! 🙂 I do’t see any fires!!!!!


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