Review: Delfin Beachfront Resort

So this is the picture from their website and this area is the lobby, bar, and restaurant all rolled into one. It is a very nice area. Its located in Playa Bejuco, Puntarenas, Central Pacific, Costa Rica. There seems to be a nice breeze that comes though here almost all the time. We stayed here from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. We payed $124 a night as it was high season prices. Check their link to see full website and prices. We were there to attend a wedding of a friend which was very beautiful. I think anyone who would like to have a wonderful setting for their wedding this is a nice place to do that. So on to the review of the Resort itself.

I wouldn’t call this a resort and I would only call it a hotel because it has 16 usable rooms. Not sure how many it actually has, but I was told 16 usable ones. It does have a nice pool area with both open seating and covered rancho to stay cool and out of the sun if you like. Well I say cool, but this is the beach so that isn’t really a good description. Lets say, cooler. 🙂 Here are some pictures of the pool area and rancho.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVery nice outside area. The pool was a bit warm, but again that should be expected as it is in full sun, its hot at the beach and it really doesn’t cool off much in the evening hours. I didn’t really get in the pool as it was a bit to hot for me outside and we did stay in the room a good bit to soak up the a/c. I am not a guy who likes heat. Where I come from in Maryland we get 100+ temps and 98% humidity in the summer. In the winter we get a ton of snow and ice. I picked Atenas for its more moderate climate. I was thinking of purchasing a beach house once we sell our home in the states, but this week end has shown me I do not want to do that now. Here are a few pictures of the beach.


Looks amazing and the outside is so amazing I do have to agree. The pool area, the beach area, the restaurant area are all wonderful. So lets get into the really important part the food! Being on the diet we are on I was a little hesitant that we would find things we could eat, but we did! It made us very happy! We had also been told the food was only just ok. Again we found it to be very good. Yes again a little pricey, but you are on the beach, you are in a hotel and you should expect that. They got ya and they know it. It wasn’t horrible prices, but it wasn’t reasonable either. So we had 2 lunches, and one dinner there. The other dinner was the reception for the wedding. Here are pictures of our food we had.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was the salad we had for lunch our 1st day there. It was full of veggies and it tasted pretty wonderful. Not sure it was worth $10, but it did have a good amount of veggies and not a lot of lettuce. Its seems I did not take a picture of the salad I got for dinner and lunch the next day. It was different and was mostly lettuce, did have a good taste, but not worth $10 again no doubt. Was hoping to get this one again, but it just didn’t happen. 😦 The one I ordered at dinner the same night we got this one I said, “Can you make us a salad like we had for lunch it was amazing.” Nope I guess not. 😦 Here is what we had for dinner our 1st night.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow we are not fans of Ceviche, but we had this one at Lunch, dinner and again at lunch! It was that good! The other plate is a fish in a garlic sauce with mushrooms, a side of veggies in a garlic sauce, some rice and some coleslaw. We could not eat the rice or the coleslaw, but I did taste it and it was very good. Over all the food was very good. The day we left I sat with friends and had coffee. They did and they said the omelet was amazing and it looked amazing and since I wasn’t expecting to have breakfast I didn’t bring my camera.  Breakfast was included in the price of the room which was a nice touch. There was a good number of items and drink on the breakfast menu.

So you are excited and you are ready to go to the hotel? Hold on to your pants. Now let me preface this by saying if you are a beach bumb, love the pool and want to surf then don’t let what I am about to say and show you stop you from going to this hotel. The beach is wonderful, but I was not going to go swim in it. They had this sign every few feet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo I was not going to be that gringo on the news who went to a Tico beach wedding and was pulled out by the riptide and killed. So I did not go into the water. If you do you should be a strong swimmer or someone who surfs. There were a number of people who surf in our group and they were out there a number of times. So like I said if you love the surf, sand, pool, bar, and everything outside do not let what I am going to say now stop you.

If you like these things, but would like a comfortable room this is not the place for you. This hotel is designed that you do not spend a lot of time in your room. Here are pictures of our room. Now I have no clue if they are all like this, but this was room number 12.


So the towel animals were a nice touch, but the room left a lot to be desired especially at $124 a night. The beds were hard as a rock so if you like a firm mattress than it will be fine, but if you don’t you could be in trouble. The room was not the cleanest I have seen. The one curtain had a black streak on it and not sure what it was. The bathroom was very tiny. The shower head was very clogged. There was hot water so that was good. The shampoo and body wash was the same thing and there were no wash cloths in our room and another guest told us the same thing. So not sure if they had them? If you need cream rinse bring you own. Actually you should bring the following when you come. Cream Rinse, shampoo, body wash, a power strip, bug spray, and your own towels. Theirs were not soft and they were small. You are going to need a lot of bug spray! The 1st night I didn’t spray and got all bite up.  Yes a power strip there was two outlets in the room and if you are like us and have a couple different electronics that will need to be plugged in to charge you are going to need it. The view from this room was pretty good. Loved the beach and the sound of the waves crashing. The A/C did work well, so that was a plus. Yes that TV is that small. My HP Split tablet screen was bigger than the TV. Like I said the room is not designed for you to be spending any time in it at all. They expect you to be pool side or at the beach most of the day.

Oh and don’t expect to be able to upload your photo’s right away to Facebook. The internet kept going up and down and up and down and up and down. It was very poor connection.

So lets wrap this one up shall we. The outside of the hotel is wonderful! Great place to have a wedding or if you are one who loves the heat, humidity, sun, surf, and sand. The pool was great, but warm. The room left a lot to be desired, but the restaurant had good food that was a little over priced, but still good!

I give this place 2 seashell1out of 5. You not being me may give it more if you spend all your time outside. I do not especially in the heat and humidity. I mainly gave it 2 for the restaurant and the beauty of the area and the beach. Would I go back? Yes to spend the day and have lunch and dinner, but not for a weekend or longer. If they improve the cleaning of the room, change the mattress,  give wash cloths, change the shower products in the bathroom and get a bigger TV, and fix the internet issues I could stay a weekend and would give it maybe 3 or 4 seashells.

Pura Vida!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Delfin Beachfront Resort

  1. We loved the Delfin for the first few years in Costa Rica — went there once or twice a year. Yes, we loved the ocean there, too! But I got tired of the lousy service. We were “regulars” and were treated like turds. Will never go back, despite how we enjoyed the ocean, the pool area, and the bar.


    • The staff was very nice to us. The chef came out and checked on us and wanted to be sure we enjoyed the food. The people behind the bar and who checked us in and out were nice. May want to try and go back.


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