The Not-So-Great About Costa Rica

Its good to see a different perspective.

Perpetual Saturdays

Everyone talks about how perfect Costa Rica is.  It has the perfect climate, the pura vida lifestyle.  Just as many love it as hate it.  I personally think it’s a good vacation location, but not long term.  As one foreigner told us as he was quickly packing to leave, “Costa Rica is for the wanted and unwanted.”  Wanted, as in criminal, and unwanted, as in mid-life crisis men who skip out on their families and create new families (intentionally or unintentionally) with poor, but beautiful, Costa Rican women.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy living in a touristy beach town and not working.  I am perpetually on vacation and every day is Saturday.  But after being in the Tamarindo area for 6 months, there are things that drive me crazy!  Being in la la land doesn’t mean that everything is unicorns, rainbows, puppy dogs, and butterflies.  Maybe there are some things that I…

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