Movie Review: Homefront

homefront reviewSo this movie is about a former DEA officer who moves his daughter to what he thinks is a small, quiet back woods type of town. I guess after his long undercover mission he was ready to spend some time with his daughter. Now comes the plot. He just finished a case busting a meth ring and wouldn’t you know it he runs into a a meth ring in this town. Go figure right?

So its a pretty simple plot. Nothing new and nothing amazing about this movie. Now don’t get me wrong it was a good movie. It had all the elements of an action movie. There were a lot of fight scenes and some car chases. So if you into that stuff this movie has it all for you. I did like the kick ass scene in the beginning of the movie where his daughter kicks the ass of a bully! I would of like to see her do more in this movie. Izabela Vidovic who plays Maddy did a wonderful job. Jason Statham did an excellent job as always. I love all of his films and this one did a good job as well.  There were a number of other big name actors in this movie and all did well.

The movie was a little short for my liking. I like my movies to be a minimum of 2 hours, but not more then 4 hours. I like longer movies as I feel I am getting my money’s worth when I go see them. Well, that is provided they are good movies and not a wast of 3 hours.

So lets wrap this up. Good action movie with some big name actors. Plot was simple and done many times. I would have liked to see Izabela’s part be a little bigger, but it was done well. So I give this move 3 seashell1 out of 5. The only reason it didn’t get 4 was the plot and story line were just to predictable and there was nothing special. You should go see it no doubt.

Pura Vida

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