Outback Steak house why you made me so sad

If you have not yet figured it out I am a big foodie. I love food. I love going out to eat and taking pictures of everything I eat. I have to say that I did not take any pictures of the food from this restaurant. None of the food was picture worthy. So sorry to disappoint on this blog, there will be no actual food pictures. I will however post pictures from their facebook page and explain the difference between what they advertise and what we actually got. I am not going to show all the items we had but the top 3 worst items.

So lets start off with one of the most popular items on their menu in my opinion. The Blooming Onion on their facebook page looks like this.

bloomin onionWow this looks really tasty doesn’t it. Well what we got was nothing like this. It was much smaller than this looks and it was so over done we didn’t finish it and there were 4 adults and one teen who will eat anything and eat more then any human should ever eat. He is a teenager so its ok. That should tell you how bad this really was.

victorias filetThis looks like one amazing steak. Now back in the USA it would be. Here at this restaurant it was not. This picture makes it look so pretty and juicy. It was anything but. It was dry and over done. We asked for medium rare as any good steak should be cooked. It came out almost burnt. Now I could say, Ok over cooked this one, but my wife got a steak as well and asked for it medium rare and it came out almost burnt as well. Needless to say it was dry and not tasty at all. We couldn’t even eat either of our steaks because they were so tough.

outback wingsThese look really tasty. Don’t be fooled they were not. Now get this the steaks were over cooked and the wings were under cooked. one was even raw near the gone. They had no real flavor or heat to them at all. We asked for blue cheese and they gave us ranch. Ranch just doesn’t work for me when you are talking buffalo wings.

Lets talk about prices. It was one expensive meal. The prices do not reflect the quality or quantity of food that we got. Than factor into it that we couldn’t eat most of it because it was so bad. So not worth the price of admission that is for sure. Service was so slow and they were not attentive at all. We had to keep flagging down the staff to get refills and they were not busy. When the restaurant is swamped and full I totally understand having to wait sometimes, but this was not.

So lets wrap this up. Bad food, slow service, over priced food and drinks gives this place 0 seashellout of 5. I will never go back there again.

Pura Vida!

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4 thoughts on “Outback Steak house why you made me so sad

  1. nice presentstion its look good@


  2. jan gaie

    We recently visited an Outback in Florida and had the same experience. We also vowed to never go back again. It used to be a pretty good place to eat, but it has definitely changed for the worst!


    • It is a huge chain and you would think you could get some kind of consistency from one area to another. The outback in Maryland we use to go to was always good! guess when we go back for a visit I will have to try them again there and see if they all have gone down hill. Thanks for your comment!


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