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There is a place in Costa Rica where everybody knows your name. No it isn’t named Cheer’s although there is a Cheers bar in Heredia, but I’m not here to talk about that just yet. 🙂 Kay’s Gringo Postres is a nice little restaurant here in Atenas. The owner Kay Costello is one of the best people you can find in Costa Rica. She greets you with a smile and remembers your name when you come back months later. We came in November of 2012 and than when we returned in February of 2013 she remembered our names and even what we liked to drink and our special diet! She is one amazing person.


So the lady in the center is Kay, on the right is Katia, and on the left is Mercedes.

These are the wonderful staff that will take care of almost all your needs. Katia mainly works in the Kitchen and cooks, Mercedes helps out and does most of the baking and let me tell you her cakes are to die for! Kay of course is the owner and she hangs out and helps people where she needs to. This is a great combination for some good food and a good place to hang.


A cake she made for my wife’s birthday. Amazing taste as well as look!

Kay is an expat originally from Belle Fourche, South Dakota. Kay moved her over 10 years ago with her husband Tom. She started out very small and simple by selling dessert. She now has a full restaurant that sells very good american comfort food. She also has some Tico dishes as well. Here are just some examples of the food we got when we were here in Nov. of 2012. They have a really good Chef salad that I love!


Specially made Salad to accommodate our special diet.

burger and fries

Very tasty Burger and Fries. Always a classic!


So many desserts and so delicious!

sunday brunch

This is the Sunday all you can eat Buffet.

soup and sand

Tomato Soup and a grill cheese sandwich was yummy!

Atenas has a Chili cook off each year which was started by Kay. It was a great success this year. They raised more then $30K for a local orphanage. The great part is that Katia and Mercedes won 1st place this year! The chili is served at Kay’s so if you go you really need to try the chili. 

1st place chilli winners

Kay’s menu has a good number of items on it and at reasonable prices. She has specials every day of the week which range from local fresh fish to meat loaf. You can get a a really good lunch for under $7 usually. She is closed on Mondays, but open the rest of the week from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, but the cooks go home at about 2 pm so the kitchen is closed. You can still get some wonderful Costa Rica Coffee and Desserts.

So to wrap it up this is a great place to eat! Friendly people, good food, and reasonable prices. This gets 5 seashell out of 5 from me. If you are ever in Atenas you must stop in and say Hi to everyone and have a bite to eat. You won’t regret it.

You can find them on facebook: Kay’s Gringo Postres

Pura Vida!

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2 thoughts on “Kay’s Gringo Postres

  1. jodie cook

    One of the best part of Kays is the free book library! If you love to read there are 1000’s of books to borrow ( all on the honor system) Get a great meal and borrow a book….Cool place.


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